Marsha is A Great Manager

"I’ve been an agent with Coldwell Banker since 2006 starting my career off in the Waltham office. In the Summer of 2019, I decided to join the Newton office working under Marsha. I’ve had the opportunity to work with great managers in the past but given my most recent experiences with Marsha, it’s truly been a pleasure. I admire her drive, dedication and ability to go above and beyond for her agents. During one of the most toughest times (COVID-19 Pandemic), Marsha provided opportunities of professional development for continued self-growth within the industry, she also took time out of her schedule to offer virtual meetings that consisted of 1:1 coaching, education of new tools, different ways to keep your business alive during a pandemic and plenty more. In her 20+ years of experience, Marsha has a lot of knowledge and support to offer. If you are a new or seasoned agent looking for a change, I would highly recommend working under Marsha. She truly is a amazing! ----"

  -Shirley Chatelain, Colleague